Chiltern Learning are offering a new service to schools in the Amersham and Chesham area. We are here to help you support those children who need a little bit of extra provision outside of the statutory curriculum.

If there are children in your care who would benefit from interventions, but you find it difficult to release already busy staff to run them, then Chiltern Learning is the answer to that problem.

No need to add more staff to your payroll, simply book Chiltern Learning to run the interventions you wish to offer your pupils. We will then do all the planning, run the sessions and provide feedback to the SENCO and class teachers.

This service, as well as supply cover, is available Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8.30am-3.30pm. All sessions are charged at £30 per hour or £200 for a full day. Book us for the day or just the hours you require. 

Payment to Chiltern Learning is via Bucks County Council payroll as we are an approved service provider.

To find out more about our full list of services contact Chiltern Learning and we can arrange a tutor visit to your school.


Helping Children Build Self-Esteem-

50 minute sessions with up to 4 pupils in a group 

              *Alongside the pupil sessions I can, if required, run 40-minute sessions for the parents.

“Speed Up” Fluent Handwriting Course- 

40 minute sessions with up to 4 pupils in a group

Look and Think for children with speech and communication difficulties-

40 minute sessions with up to 6 pupils in a group


Gross and Fine Motor Control -

I hour sessions with up to 4 pupils in a group


Working Memory Skills- 

1/2 hour sessions with individual children

Dyslexia Support Programme- 

1/2 hour sessions with individual children


Phonics for Reading and writing-


30 minute sessions with individual children

Chiltern Learning